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Arjenhuoltajat provides three kind of services:

  1. We arrange hiking expeditions, cycling tours, winter ”survival” camps, paddling tours in Lake Saimaa and different kind of sport related services in Finland (Mainly in Mikkeli- Lappeenranta- Imatra- Jyväskylä area, but also in Lappland and another parts of Finland).
  2. We offer repairement service for cottage owners in Lake Saimaa area. We help you to enjoy your holiday by warming up your home before you arrive or
  3. We offer repair services also for small machines eg. for grass clippers or boat engines. We can fix your boat engine in the Saimaa area, because we are moving regularly around the Lake Saimaa.

You can contact us by e-mail: info (@) arjenhuoltajat.fi